About The Community Seal

The Community Seal network is open for business and growing fast in Central Florida, where it was launched. Help us to grow the network in Orlando and other communities by joining, becoming an ambassador, and spreading the word.

The Community Seal is a membership organization that exists to grow and promote philanthropy in communities. Members are businesses, individuals, and non-profit organizations that are committed to giving back to the community in which they live and operate. TCS enables local businesses, individuals, and non-profits to get to know and understand each other so they can work together to achieve and sustain bigger societal results. TCS promotes our members' commitment and investments in the community to create consumer awareness and loyalty and so the philanthropic movement continues to grow.

The Community Seal is a global network that focuses on building membership locally to encourage members to get involved in their local community. We work with community foundations, universities, chambers of commerce, and philanthropy centers to build membership, provide professional assistance and tools, create standards for giving practices, and grant our seal to members that meet our standard.

Everyone can trust that members of The Community Seal are committed to improving their community and are striving to follow benchmark and progressive practices in Giving and effective non-profit operations.

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