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The Community Seal network is open for business and growing fast in Central Florida, where it was launched. Help us to grow the network in Orlando and other communities by joining, becoming an ambassador, and spreading the word.

The Community Seal is the network that connects non-profits with businesses and people that are committed to investing in their communities through giving and volunteering.

Our team has worked with non-profit and for-profit businesses for years helping them to develop strategies, fundraising plans, and social responsibility programs. Even though we have a very giving and engaged community, we still saw a system that wasn’t working. Non-profits struggle to gain the resources they need, and businesses and people struggle to understand the needs of the community and how they can help. We created The Community Seal simply to make it easier for businesses and people to give back to communities that are important to them.

On our platform, non-profit members tell their stories and market their events, needs, and fundraisers directly to a community that cares. Business and individual members now have one place to go to stay informed about the needs of the community and how they can give and volunteer in meaningful ways.

Business members understand that a stronger community means a stronger business. Just as companies care about communities where they do business, consumers and employees care that a company supports issues that are important to them. In fact, new research shows that nearly 9 in 10 consumers expect companies to invest in causes in local communities and around the globe.

The Community Seal promotes their stories of giving back to grow the network and the movement and to let consumers and employees know about a company's commitment to the community. Giving Back becomes a trusted part of the brand of Community Seal businesses. Giving Back is a Way of Life and A Way of Doing Business -- leading to more resources overall for a greater impact, stronger businesses, and stronger communities.

Leslie Hartog – Co-Founder and CEO

5042bwLeslie Hartog has been a consultant in business, operations, and strategic planning for museums, parks, and non-profit businesses for over 12 years – with clients including the Statue of Liberty, the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, the Edyth Bush Institute, and The Conductive Education Center of Orlando. With over 25 years of experience in operations and systems engineering, visitor and consumer research, and strategic and business planning with Walt Disney World and as a consultant, Leslie has always focused on making systems and operations work better. With the Community Seal, she is committed to creating a network and platform that makes it easier for businesses and people to give back, get involved, and collaborate to build stronger communities. Leslie has an Industrial Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and an MBA from the University of Central Florida.




Mike Cameron – Co-Founder, Partner, and Advisory Board


 Mike Cameron is a lifetime entrepreneur. Mike Cameron is a Co-Founder of multiple companies including: National Solar (; Waste to Energy Partners ( ; I-4 Capital Partners ( ; and JobPath Partners ( Mr. Cameron, was also the President and CEO and a major shareholder in Zephyrhills Water, and was primarily responsible for developing it from the once small, local company into the largest bottled water company in the Southeastern US. He negotiated the successful sale of Zephyrhills to Perrier/Nestle.

Dan Liptak – Advisory Board

danDan is the Technology and Website Development Advisor to The Community Seal and is a Founder and Partner in the Collaborative Fund Partners, LLC. Dan got his start early when he first discovered computers at 10 years old. An internship at NASA during high school put him on a 20-year path in Information Technology. He registered his first domain name in 1998 and has been helping companies big and small build their web presence ever since.



Contributing Advisors

Mark Brewer, Central Florida Foundation Community Foundation Advisor

“Communities thrive when their different sectors connect,” says Mark Brewer, president/CEO of Central Florida Foundation. “The Community Seal helps to increase connection and understanding between the private and independent sectors with ways for employees to give back and cultivate meaning.” Mark Brewer has served as President/CEO of Central Florida Foundation since 2001. As an innovative foundation leader, Mark has earned respect for his ability to build community partnerships and collective impact strategies that meet issues head-on and produce measurable results. He has worked with hundreds of individuals, families, corporations and government entities to establish philanthropy strategies, endowments, cross-sector funding partnerships, and planned gifts. He is a well-known national speaker on independent sector strategies, the role of philanthropy in democracy, venture philanthropy, the role of the independent sector in public policy, impact investing, and social enterprise. Mark is a Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy ® and a candidate for a PhD in Public Policy and Law from Walden University. He is Chair of the Community Foundations of Florida, a past Chair of the Florida Philanthropic Network, Chair of the regional think-tank, and Vice Chair of the Heart of Florida United Way Investing in Results Council. He serves on the boards of the Central Florida Partnership and the Central Florida Commission on Homelessness. Mark is an advisor to dozens of private and corporate foundations across the state and is a recognized leader in strategic grant making for individuals and institutions.

Sylvia Bova | Non-profit and Development Advisor

Sylvia Bova, former Regional Philanthropy Officer with the American Red Cross and a 25 year resident of Orlando, has consistently specialized in philanthropic fundraising and community relations in agency, corporate and nonprofit environments throughout Central Florida. Sylvia is skilled in identifying needs of our communities, businesses and neighbors which align with social responsibility. She has demonstrated proven success in meeting strategic and operational business financial goals through cultivating relationships and securing financial commitment to comprehensive community development from caring individuals and responsible corporations. Attended University of Florida.

Kecia Carroll | Business Social Responsibility Advisor

"The Community Seal is a good place for companies to get connected to the causes they care about.", says Kecia Carroll, corporate branding and communications strategist. Kecia Carroll is a corporate branding and communications strategist with 20 years of experience working with companies, professional service firms and social enterprises.  As an in-house leader and in consulting roles, Kecia has helped a wide range of companies build their business and brand, as well as advised them on integrating corporate social responsibility into their overall business strategy. She has published a CSR best practices paper, where she analyzed insights from 10 companies of various industries and sizes.  Kecia is currently the Manager of Corporate Citizenship at the Edyth Bush Institute and a regular speaker on the evolving landscape of corporate social responsibility.



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