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The Community Seal Network – How It Works

The Community Seal network is open for business and growing fast in Central Florida, where it was launched. Help us to grow the network in Orlando and other communities by joining, becoming an ambassador, and spreading the word.

The Community Seal network is a membership platform with three primary member types – Businesses, Individuals, and Non-profits – all committed to giving back to their community. Our goal is to grow philanthropy and engagement from businesses and individuals in their local communities. A larger network means more involvement, support, and collaboration for a bigger impact.

With the Community Seal platform, non-profit members tell their stories, communicate immediate needs, and raise money and support with on-line fundraiser and volunteer campaigns. As Community Seal members, businesses and individuals have one place to go to learn about community needs, find different and easy ways to give back and track their giving, and grow their community connections and brand awareness with a large audience of people that care about their community involvement.

Become a Founding Member and a Business Sponsor

Founding Member
Our first 100 paying members will be designated as a founding member for the full term of their membership. Founding members will help to launch The Community Seal and receive special promotions in the community with stories featured on our multi-media platform.

Join Now

Sponsors are leaders in business social responsibility and are investing in their community by supporting the launch of The Community Seal. Sponsors are featured prominently on our platforms and at events with additional benefits. Contact us to learn more.

Contact Us to Learn More

Membership Types

Business One Stop for Social Responsibility

Build a program that gives back to your community, engages your employees, and achieves business results. TCS tools make it easy to plan and manage Giving Programs and track and report giving and volunteering for the company and employees. Gain contacts and new customers and talent as you tell your story on the Community Seal platform.

Annual Fee starting at $250
(Based on # Employees)

Individual Support your Community

Giving back is easy as a Community Seal member. Find out about the needs in your community and how to help. Give and volunteer with on-line fundraisers and shopping give back tools. Grow your personal and professional network.

No Membership Fee
Nonprofit Grow Community Support

Gain new funding sources with Community Seal business giving and shopping give back programs. Manage on-line fundraiser and volunteer campaigns and grow on-line funds. Tell your story, communicate your needs, and grow your local supporter base with business and individual members that are committed to giving back.

Annual Fee starting at $125
(Based on # Employees)

Member Benefits

Give Back
  • Local non-profit listing
  • Donate Now or recurring gifts
  • On-line fundraisers (no added fees)
  • Give Back programs
    • On-line stores
    • In-store POS (soon)
    • Mobile (soon)
  • Give Back gift cards (soon)
Get Involved
  • Connect with community leaders
  • Bulletins and newsletters of
    • Immediate needs
    • Success stories
    • Event calendar
    • Conversations
  • Volunteer programs and events
  • Employee matching (soon)
  • Blogs and discussion groups
Get Noticed
  • High-traffic marketing platform
    • Your stories and content
    • Profile, Spotlight, Trending
    • Multi-media
  • Business listing and testimonials
  • Sponsorships
  • Job postings
  • Track and report giving
  • Community Seal "of Approval"

Membership Pricing


Annual Membership Fee

  $250 <50 employees
$500 50 to 200 employees
$2,000 >200 employees

No Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee

  $125 <50 employees
$250 50 to 200 employees
$1,000 >200 employees

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