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Gun safety is a community issue. Here in Central Florida we have more than our fair share of heinous crimes related to domestic violence, especially those that involve firearms. Women and children are particularly vulnerable to abusers who have access to guns. Come hear a presentation by Dr. Thomas Gabor, esteemed criminologist scholar and author, on this critical topic. We'll also host a panel of local experts to discuss the danger this threat poses to all of us and what steps the community can take to be proactive to keep our neighborhoods safe.

Moderator: Susan Scrupski, Big Mountain Data

Panelists: Dr. Tom Gabor, criminologist; Carol Wick, Domestic Violence expert; Jim Verity, former Orange County; Dr. Lee Ross, UCF Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, and Christy Jordan, a mental health counselor certified in trauma therapy. 

begins at 6:30pm.

Presentation and panel 7pm - 8:30pm.

Post-event book-signing for Dr. Gabor's, "Confronting Gun Violence in America." Bring your book for personal inscription and signing. Available now on Amazon and Books-a-Million.

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